Control Panel
Sadr Electronic Dena
Sadr electronic Dena Co. Ltd was founded in 2002, and since then began designing and producing high quality electronic boards for various industrial electronic applications .The primary focus of the company is on elevator boards, which are presented under the commercial brand "SANIC". The constant growth of our product line has also led to the addition of a new brand "SANA", which is designated to elevator control panel products of the company and as the first UPS lift manufacturer in Iran. 
Sadr Electronics Dena Co. has always been trying to improve its product line by attending domestic and international exhibitions and familiarity with the world's industry and EMC requirements are also other characteristics of this company's products. 
Integrity, sincerity and satisfaction of customers are among the top business ethics of Sadr Electronic Dena. That is why the company strives to present its products with the highest quality and at the reasonable price compared with the other available products in the market. Due to such high quality of production, All of the company product have achieved all necessary production standards specially safety standards, and also are presented with 5 years unlimited guarantee for SANIC boards and 2 years guarantee for SANA panels products, respectively
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